Jivamukti Testimonials

The biggest gift that Jivamukti gave me was to trust in my life’s process. I came to understand that divinity is not something to be explained, but something that is felt. A trust, a knowing, a leap. Jivamukti awakens us where we were once dormant, by breaking down the walls of learned behavior and and helps one rebuild a more compassionate and empowered way of thinking, doing and feeling. The practice makes us recognize the divine spark in all beings. The energy of Jivamukti yoga is sublime. A true gift to the world.- Tyler Midgett

Jivamukti is my home. It’s the practice that gives me the same sense of love and fullness that a big family dinner or night counting stars with my sweetheart provides for me. My Jivamukti practice challenges, grounds, uplifts, aligns, and inspires me. I wouldn’t wear the word “Jivamukti” in sanskrit around my neck every day if it wasn’t a part of my very being. Jiva is my soul and I am grateful for it every day. – Val Geisler

Jivamukti has saved my life. It has picked me up from some of the darkest places. It has brought strength to my body, my mind and my spirit. It has taken me out side of my comfort zone, challenged my edge and allowed me to be OK with falling. Jivamukti has giving me a family and a teacher that will be there for me no matter what.- Cheryl Stafford

Jivamukti is the right balance of physical practice, spiritual learning and service to others for me. I’m so glad I found it via Lisa. Namaste!!!- Claudio Ossino McConathy

Jivamukti is my connection with the divine. Yoga saved my life, Jiva filled it with joy. Jiva has taught me love for others, and love and kindness for every single part of me, flaws and all. Jivamukti gives me strength of body and clarity of mind. It is the gentle reminder to my conscience of my responsibilities to myself, and to the world around me. The practice of JIvamukti allows me to join my beautiful yoga sisters and brothers in filling my heart and soul.- Lolen Daugherty

Jivamukti is evil. It stole my God-given self-righteousness. It selfishly banished tasty meat from my table. It mercilessly forced me into self-examination and self-awareness, and I did not always like what I found. Despite my futile resistance, Jivamukti doggedly hounded my every step to becoming a better human being.-Mike Rapp

Jivamukti is the BEST.- Nancy LaNasa

Jivamukti is a mirror I look into every time I practice. It is me, and I am jivamukti. It showed me that everything I need is already within me and with practice, patience, and love…all will BE.- Aida Colon

This will be short as I am procrastinating packing right now. I think that jivamukti has absolutely benefitted me physically by building strength but mentally it has shown me how to approach everything with love and an open mind.- Amy Yarbrough

Jivamukti allowed me to find my teacher, my yoga kula, and myself. – Holly Hoops

Nutures your body, mind and spirit (wait was the bumper sticker??… well it is true). Feels like home- warm and welcoming. Energizes you in a pervasive way you’ve never felt before…. this is off the top of my tired head. xoxoxo – Jennifer Colardo Hopper

Jivamukti rocks my world!!! It has pushed and pulled me into places that have made me grow, frighten me, soften me and drew me closer to God. It has been a practice that has empowered me to feel anything is possible.- Christine Hicks Jessup

Jivamukti gave me a foundation physically and spiritually. It gave me courage to make changes in my life. It wasn’t a thunder bolt from the sky, in your face change–I just find myself surprised by some of the things I do now. It’s subtle but it’s significant (does that make sense)? It is a way of life I will be working on for the rest of my life. I was lost and now my journey is has a path.¬†One more thing…Jivamukti has given me a loving, supportive circle of people that are so genuine. It has given me a teacher that has become my mentor in more ways than one.- Denys Kazama

Jivamukti grounded me, centered me and strengthened me. I am a better and happier person from the experience.- Liz Herenger
There’s not enough time, words or space to say what Jivamukti has brought to my life, but briefly: Jivamukti has shown me that NONE of us are perfect – and that’s OK, that ALL of us are on a path of growth – and that’s OK, and that EVERYONE deserves love and compassion – and that’s OK, too!- Dolores Reed Little
Jivamukti healed my mind, body and spirit after a crushing miscarriage. After a few months my body was able to conceive my now 8 year-old son, my mind was much more peaceful and my spirit considerably more hopeful and peaceful. I felt at home and warmly received in the studio and amongst fellow practitioners. Forever grateful.- Tina Davis Clark
Jivamukti holds my feet to the fire. The fire of love, accountability, integrity, compassion and Love!- Carmen Francesca