Why Sanskrit?

Sanskrit is the language of the Vedas. It originates from the rishis, seers of the Vedas, who were said to have first envisioned it through the power of the Divine Word. The Sanskrit language is said to put forth into human sounds, the language of the Gods, the great creative cosmic vibration.
Sanskrit is a good foundation for a global language of consciousness, the language of the spiritual science for the future.
Sanskrit lends itself to be the language of the New Age of global culture. In the future, how many centuries one cannot say, humanity is bound to return to it, at least as its spiritual language.
Sanskrit has more words for the Divine and more precise terms for defining consciousness and meditative experience than any other language. 
Sanskrit is the language of mantra and of spiritually empowered sounds.
Sanskrit is the oldest form and probable root of the greatest number of languages. It is the oldest most continually used language in the world. It has the largest literature of any language. It is the most scientific language.
Sanskrit, the Language of the Vedas by Dr. David Frawley


Sanskrit is the language of the eternal. It is the language of Yoga.

~ Manorama